Green Energy Makes Green Money

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The following is a guest post. Enjoy! 

Green Energy Makes Green Money

With the cost of energy prices rising each year, many of us are tightening our wallets and looking for better ways to save money. One simple way you can save money is by choosing a green energy supplier today.Generating green energy can be extremely beneficial for the environment and a great way of saving money. There are many low-carbon technologies like wind turbines and solar panels available that use renewable sources of energy. This, in return, uses less fossil fuel and therefore helps to lower carbon emissions. Renewable energy is great for the environment, and the government is currently funding many financial incentives that will allow you to help reduce carbon emissions and increase your savings.

Did you know that the green energy market is considered to be the future for an environmentally friendly planet? If you are keen to explore more about renewable energy, here are some interesting points you may want to read. 

1. Reduce your carbon footprint

The planet is becoming increasingly polluted and you can help put a stop to this by using greener energy alternatives at home.

2. Solar energy

Solar energy can be captured by solar panels. Solar panels absorb the energy from the sun and transfer it to heat water. This may be expensive to begin with but in the long term it will save you a small fortune.

3. How big is your green energy venture?

Many families are generating their own energy at home. Based on your financial budgets, you can do this or go through commercial generation. Research about this topic today and see what energy deal is financially right for you.

4. Spread the green word!

Green energy benefits everyone and a great way of spreading the word is by getting the whole community involved. The local community can hugely benefit from renewable energy by reducing their utility bills and generating local employment.

5. Be a part of something special

Switching to green energy is extremely easy and quick and can minimize your carbon footprint by up to 33%. Go for a greener energy alternative today and help both your bank account and the planet you live in.

Green energy is the only way the planet can operate if it is to survive the threat of carbon emissions. The more we as a nation use renewable energy, the more we all benefit the eco-system, reinforce our energy security, create more local jobs, and help to better our economy.

How about you all? Do you use a green energy supplier, car, or household appliances? If so, did you realize any short term cost savings from the purchase? How long do you predict you will have to use the device/supplier before you recoup the purchase cost? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

Jacob’s Thoughts – Listed below are my random thoughts as I was reading this article.

  • @ Choosing a green energy supplier in the United States – 
    • Great article here! It’s always good to think about how we, as consumers and citizens, can reduce our carbon footprint, but not necessarily have the reduction come at the detriment of our living situation.
    • As far as I know, in the United States, when you live in a certain place, you do not actually have an option as to what energy supplier you use for your electricity. There is only one electricity supplier in each area. In this sense, the electricity companies have what I have heard called a “necessary monopoly.”
      • So, if your energy company is not practicing “green” techniques, you are unfortunately stuck with that one supplier. 
      • However, I have heard that many energy companies these days are offering incentives to install green appliances and light-bulbs.
  • @ Is green energy actually cheaper than fossil fuel energy?
    • I haven’t done an in-depth analysis on this topic/question in general (I’ve only looked at whether green cars and recycled paper are cheaper than their non-renewable counterparts), so I’m very curious to get everyone’s feedback! 
    • The last I had heard on the news and from reports on technological innovations, green energy actually is more expensive than regular fossil fuel energy. And, in many cases, it can be MUCH MORE expensive, especially for solar energy since the energy efficiency conversion is fairly low. 
    • Going along with this, I have heard that the only time that green energy offers a cost savings is when the government offers incentives in the way of tax credits or deductions for making green purchases.
      • In the US at least, I have been hearing that the incentives for using green energy/appliances have been less and less widely supported since the economy has been doing badly. 
    • Even though I personally believe very strongly in green living and of the importance of reducing carbon footprints, the fact of the matter is that we will not realize conversion of the majority of the population from fossil fuel-based energy to green energy until it becomes economically beneficial (or at least economically equivalent) to do so.
    • In my opinion, I see this either being achieved by fossil fuel prices continuing to rise or by advancing renewable energy technology to the point where it is more efficient.
    • Does anyone have better knowledge of the current “green energy economic climate” with tax incentives, etc? If so, do you know if green energy and household appliances are economically beneficially to use compared to traditional fossil fuels?

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  1. It's great that more and more people are living green. In my neck of the woods they have a compost in the park.

    • Very cool Jai! Thanks for sharing! I need to start doing more composting myself. Our neighborhood did just upgrade to single stream recycling though!
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  2. I will be a good steward of the environment, but I'm not going to break my neck to be green. Sometimes going green is more expensive in the long run than it is a saver. Interesting post.
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  3. You might find this study interesting, which shows that the more solar installations there are in a neighborhood, the less time it takes for the next solar installation to go up:

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