How To Make Money on Your Old Phones

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The following is a guest post. Enjoy! 

How To Make Money on Your Old Phones
Did you get a brand new iPhone or Smart Phone for Christmas?  A lot of people all over the world did. In fact, it is estimated that Apple has sold over 6 million iPhones.  However, with everyone upgrading to the newest phones, a lot of old mobile phones are just laying around.   What many people don’t realize is that you can sell mobile phones back and get cash for them.

How It Works

If you are thinking about selling your old phone, there is a basic process that just about every company follows.  Either you go to a kiosk or online, and you input your mobile phone make and model number.  The company will then give you an offer for your phone.  If you accept the offer price, you simply drop your phone in the mail and send it to your respective company.
Most companies offer free shipping when you send your mobile phone back to them.  Once they receive your phone, they will send you payment.  Some companies offer cash, others a check, and some can even send PayPal payments.  Another option that is relatively new is gift cards. With gift cards, you can usually get a higher payment if you accept it as a form of payment instead of cash or check.  As always, it is important that you check around for the best deal before proceeding.

Shop For Options

There are a lot of options for selling back your phone, such as Envirophone, Cash 4 Phones, 8 Mobile, The Recycling Factory, and more.  There are even new websites which will compare several different companies, and provide you with the offers of each.  You can then compare and decide for yourself which company you want to use to recycle your old phone.

What If It’s Worthless?

If your phone is really old, it could have no value left.  Instead of tossing it into a landfill, many of these companies also offer free recycling of your old phone – including shipping.  So, you can still do the right thing for the environment and enjoy your new iPhone or other Smart Phone tool at the same time.

How about you all? Have you gotten a new phone recently? How did you handle either disposing of or recycling your old phone?

Did you sell it somewhere or exchange it at your mobile phone carrier store for an upgrade?   

Share your experiences by commenting below!

Jacob’s Thoughts – Listed below are my random thoughts as I was reading this article.

  • Interesting article here, especially with how many people I know did either get their first Smart Phone, or at least upgraded their phone, this Christmas!
  • @ The market for recycling old phones – 
    • Since phones have become so much more advanced in recent years, they are really more like small computers instead of just phones (like they probably used to be).
    • And, I never really considered (until now) of how much value they probably still have because of their internal components even after you are “finished” with a certain model and have upgraded.
    • In fact, I never really thought about the “second hand phone” market at all, come to think of it!
  • @ My experiences with upgrading or replacing my cell phone – 
    • In my experience, when I have brought in my phone to my mobile company (Verizon) for a replacement, they tend to ALWAYS have some requirement in the deal that enables them to keep the phone – either you lose your phone contacts if you don’t allow them to “recycle” your phone or you have to give them your old phone in order to upgrade with a contract extension and take advantage of a deep discount on a new phone.
    • Now, I understand why; they are able to sell it and make some money out of the exchange! Interesting!
    • Personally, I have never tried to sell my phone through an independent source. However, it’s definitely something I will have to keep in mind going forward!

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  1. Personally I tend to just give the phone back to my phone company, but then again my phones are the cheapest type so their resale value usually isn’t that high.

  2. Great advice. Until recently I never purchased expensive phones. However, now that I do and my company gives great discounts I'll keep this article in my mind once I'm due for an upgrade. Thanks!
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  3. Nice advice. Normally, once I decide to get a new phone, mine is completely worthless at the store. I bet I'll be able to at least get something with your suggestions. Thanks!
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  4. marilunietou says:

    This is how much I pay attention. I did not even know that you could sell back your cell phones. I got at least 10 to sell back. Thanks for the heads up!

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