Double Glazing Your Home Windows – Financial and Security Benefits

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Double Glazing Your Home Windows – Financial and Security Benefits

Increase home security with double glazing in your home and conservatory. Double glazing is fantastic for heat and noise insulation – but not many people realise there can be added security benefits to double glazing too. 

Home security is understandably a big concern for home owners. Whether it’s opportunist thieves or a planned robbery, windows and doors are easy targets for thefts from the home. Windows are often a weak point in a home’s security system, as the windows necessarily have to open and close; whilst an open window brings a welcome breeze of fresh air, you may also be welcoming burglars into your home with an open or unsecured window.  

Some security factors you may want to consider when it comes to your windows include:
  • Double glazing: by fitting recognized, quality assured double glazing you may reduce the risk of home theft. Newly fitted, secure windows may be recognized by your home insurance company and help keep your insurance premium low. 
  • Opening mechanism: vulnerable windows, such as those on the ground floor or above an easily accessible flat roof, should have limited opening mechanism. You can choose windows which only open a fractional amount, whilst still letting the air in, so as not to make life easy for burglars. 
  • Locking mechanism: a secure, modern locking system is essential. You can have an easy locking device, which locks at the push of a button, but requires a key to open. Do not have all your windows in your home fitted with the same lock – as that makes for easy opening! You should also keep all window keys out of sight from the outside of your home. 
  • Breaking point: double glazed, anti-theft windows will usually resist breaking more easily than older windows. All a thief needs to do is put a foot through an old window to gain access to your property. Once they have access through the window, they would be able to open the door to their accomplices.  

By securing your home with new double glazing in your windows and conservatories, you will be taking active steps to preventing home burglary.

How about you all? Have you ever had any problems with theft in your home? What was the cause of the break in? Did your home insurance cover the damage and/or replace anything that was taken?

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