Home Damage Caused by Vermin and How to Remedy the Sitauation

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The following is a guest post. Enjoy! 

Home Damage Caused by Vermin and How to Remedy the Situation

Little black droppings on your kitchen surface are a bad start to anyone’s day, but the worse is yet to come. If you find tell-tale signs of mice in your home, you could find you are just at the beginning of a larger vermin problem.

Common house vermin includes mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs and woodworm. It’s not nice to think about creepy crawlies living in your home, but if you don’t address vermin issues quickly, you may find that things get out of control.

How Can I Tell if I Have Vermin in My Home?

Each vermin leaves a different trace when it’s nesting in your home, but some signs include droppings, bad smells or damage to your property. You may even see the vermin yourself, which is perhaps the most unmistakable proof of vermin in your home.

What Damage Will Vermin Cause in My Home?

Imagine a very dirty, smelly, disrespectful lodger moving into your home, who then invites all their equally dirty, smelly, disrespectful friends and family to stay – that’s what having vermin in the house can be like. Suddenly your food isn’t safe, your property is damaged and these unwanted house guests don’t seem to be leaving.

Common Damage Caused by Vermin Is:

Mice: chewing through wires, leaving droppings which stain, chewing through wood, eating food
Rats: carry disease, chewing through wires and contents of your home
Cockroaches: carry disease and spread germs
Bedbugs: biting and creating an itchy rash whilst you sleep
Woodworm: damage wooden furniture

What Can I Do About Vermin in My Home?

You should seek professional help from vermin control and from your home insurance provider if you have vermin in your home. Not many people realise that your home insurance plan can also help you remove vermin from your home. Before you contact a specialist to solve your vermin problem, you should contact your insurance provider in case they have an approved company you should use. They may be able to advise you on the best cause of action to take if the type of vermin is covered by your home insurance policy.

How Home Insurance Can Help

Home insurance can cover certain types of vermin, which might protect you financially against removing the vermin and recovering damage they cause. Your home insurance might not cover all types of vermin, however, so you should check with your provider to ensure you are fully covered.
Having vermin in your home can be a traumatic and upsetting experience; your home should be a haven for you and your family – not for unwanted house guests! With professional help and good home insurance, you should be able to reduce damage and resolve the vermin problem swiftly.

How about you all? Have you ever had a pest infestation in your home? If so, what damage did it cause? Did you home insurance cover the removal? 

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