Totally Money Blog Carnival – April 23rd, 2012 Edition

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Welcome personal finance fans to the 64th (April 23rd, 2012) edition of the Totally Money Blog Carnivala weekly carnival that includes the top personal finance and money posts.

Listed below are the top 3 articles of this week’s submissions!

Top 3 Editor’s Picks

1. Emily presents The Slippery Slope of Separate Money posted at Evolving Personal Finance.

2. SFB presents Birth Control for the Financially Frugal posted at Simple Finance Blog.

3. Daisy presents Start Off On The Right Foot: Tips for Interns Or Newbies in General posted at Add Vodka. 

Listed below are the best of the rest! Enjoy!


Amanda presents Mileage Deduction for Volunteering, Moving and Medical Expenses posted at My Dollar Plan.

Sandy presents 4th Annual Earth Day Is My Birthday Giveaway posted at Yes, I am Cheap.

Ashley Lennon presents Why Having Guts is Key to Saving Money posted at Skint in the City.

Roger the Amateur Financier presents Celebrating the End of Tax Season posted at The Amateur Financier.

Mike Collins presents Will Generation X Be Ready For Retirement? posted at Wealthy Turtle.

eemusings presents From checkout operator to NZ’s most eligible bachelor posted at Musings of an Abstract Aucklander.

Everything Finance presents 5 Ways to Pay Down Your Debt without Living Like a Monk posted at Everything Finance.

JB presents Mint Review posted at My University Money.

Glen Craig presents Do You Have to Pay Tax on Airline Miles? posted at Free From Broke.

Echo presents 10 Fees That Are Worth The Money posted at Boomer & Echo.

Cash Flow Mantra presents How to Make a Grand Per Month with a Home Daycare Business posted at Cash Flow Mantra.

Steve presents Frugal or Self-Sufficient? posted at Brip Blap.

Ray presents 10 Ways to Lower Your Water Bill posted at Squirrelers.

Jeremy presents Establishing Spending Priorities posted at Modest Money.

Philip Taylor presents 10 Alternative Online Job Search Sites posted at PT Money Personal Finance.

FMF presents The Two Ways To Track Financial Success posted at Free Money

Mike Piper presents How Much Do I Need to Save Per Year? posted at Oblivious Investor.

PK presents Mega Millions Expected Value Calculator posted at Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

Pam Whitlock presents Raising Charitable Kids & Teens posted at The MoneyTrail Blog.

SB presents Basics of Insurance: Why we Need Insurance? posted at One Cent at a Time.

Steve Zussino presents How to save money with Tankless Water Heaters posted at Canadian Personal Finance.

Miss T. presents It’s Harley Time, but Is It Worth the Cost? posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.

Dan presents What Makes an ETF Tax Efficient? posted at ETF Base.

Jon the Saver presents Avoid Starbucks and Make your Own Gourmet Mocha Coffee! posted at Free Money Wisdom.

MR presents Are You Trying to Become Financially Independent? posted at Money Reasons.

Shaun presents 10 things Entrepreneurs can learn from watching Ghostbusters: Top Ten Family Finance Posts #6 posted at Smart Family Finance.

krantcents presents The 3 L’s of Success posted at KrantCents.

Jeffrey presents Famous Money Movie Moments and Lessons with Video! posted at Money Spruce.

101 Centavos presents Building Raised Garden Beds, Part 1 posted at 101 Centavos.

Ashley presents Ask the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau posted at Money Talks Coaching.

FG presents Why Are Environmentalists Against North American Oil & Gas? posted at Financial God.

Jen presents Having Only One Car Saves Us Money-Even Though it Sucks posted at Master the Art of Saving.

Jason presents Should I Sell My Wife’s Wedding Ring? posted at Work Save Live.

A Blinkin presents Should You Sell Your Timeshare? posted at Funancials.

Don presents Saving Money By Negotiating Health Care Costs posted at MoneySmartGuides.

Jeremy Waller presents 5 Reasons to Keep Your Credit Report Up To Date posted at Personal Finance Whiz.

Kyle presents It’s Raining Cash! We’re Giving Away $550 bucks…. posted at The Penny Hoarder.

Princess P presents Why Females are Better Investors posted at Portfolio Princess.

KT presents Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year by Making These Four Drinks at Home posted at Personal Finance Journey.

Daniel presents You’re Emancipated From Paying Taxes…At Least For A Few Days posted at Sweating the Big Stuff.

Tushar presents Types of Common Stocks posted at Start Investing Money.

YFS presents Stop paying your mortgage today!… and be a victim! posted at Your Finances Simplified.

Kevin presents What If I Don’t File My Taxes On Time? posted at Thousandaire.

Debt Guru presents Use Incentives to Pay off Debt posted at Debt Free Blog.

PITR presents Is Passive Income only for the Rich? posted at Passive Income To Retire.

John presents Debt Payoff Calculator – How to Use One posted at Married with Debt.

Sustainable PF presents Public Service Compensation – The Next Bubble? posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.

Steve presents Our Bangkok Budget posted at Money Infant.

Amanda L Grossman presents Guests are Coming: Does the Entertainment Book or CityPASS Offer More Savings? posted at Frugal Confessions.

Suba presents Give Yourself Financial Hope posted at Broke Professionals.

TRL presents Why Investing in Real Estate Takes Time posted at The Retired Landlord.

Crystal presents We Found Our Dream Home!!! posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

Wayne presents The Price of Being Organized posted at Young Family Finance.

Hank presents Benefits Of High Deductible Health Insurance Plans posted at Money Q&A.

The Planner presents What is Rich? What does it Mean? posted at Provident Plan.

Aloysa presents Save Money by Shopping in Pawn Shops posted at My Broken Coin.

Eddie presents Tools to Boost Small Business Growth posted at Finance Fox.

Sean presents Gym Memberships – Using Money to Motivate You posted at One Smart Dollar.

Lazy Man presents Money Rules by Jean Chatzky Reviewed posted at Lazy Man and Money.

Money Cone presents In Pursuit of the Most Rewarding Rewards Card posted at Money Cone.

MMD presents How to Buy an Index Fund posted at MyMoneyDesign.

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