1. What a great concept! Determining your magic number would be an effective way to keep your mind on the future so you can make good decisions now. As someone in my late 20’s, I always forget that I need to think more about my future. I forget I’m no longer in my early 20’s and usually think have all the time in the world to get prepared. I’m going to follow the advice in this post so I can hold myself accountable to good planning for the years ahead!

    • You make a good point Shannon. While I have done one or two posts looking at how much I'll need to retire, I haven't thought a whole lot about that recently. Mainly, I think this is due to the fact that I feel pretty comfortable with the amount that I am saving, so I just figure that whatever I'm putting away will be 'enough.' But, it would probably be a lot better to have a concrete number in mind.
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  2. Great idea! It sounds like a product a lot of Americans can use. The Department of Labor says that less than half of us have calculated how much money we'll need in retirement. Well, you can't accomplish a goal if you don't even know what that goal is.
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