Best of Money Carnival #156 – May 21st, 2012 Edition

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Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival (a weekly listing of the top 10 personal finance posts) – May 21st, 2012 Edition!  

I hope you enjoy all of the posts I’ve selected for this week’s edition – and then come back to visit My Personal Finance Journey on my non-carnival days too.

For this edition, we had ~70 articles submitted. Below are my choices for the Top 10 Personal Finance posts of the last couple of weeks (that were submitted properly of course) in order from 1 to 10.  A big congrats to all of this week’s winners!

1, Roshawn Watson presents 4 Ways To Reshape Your Views Regarding Money posted at Watson Inc. Perhaps one of the biggest ways to effect change financially speaking is to alter your belief system. Here are four ways to reshape your views regarding money.

2. FMF presents The Difference between Needs and Wants: Getting Spending Under Control posted at Free Money Finance. Achieving financial security is greatly dependent on our ability to make wise choices when it comes to spending money. Spending, not earning, is the key to financial security (though both are important, of course). And yet we live in a society where over-spending is almost the norm. The result for many people is a pile of debt and all the nasty struggles associated with it. It’s certainly not the pathway to financial security.

3. Harri Pierce presents Lessons from living below the line posted at TotallyMoney. A one week experiment to see how difficult it was to eat for less than £1 per day and how it can affect the rest of your life

4. Jason presents Should You Buy a Car Through CarMax? posted at Work Save Live, saying “Rust buckets, over-sized purses, methods of transportation, and a means of showing worth and status. Maybe it’s needless to say, but there isn’t a topic I detest more. When I hear the word ‘car’ all I can think about are over-priced machines that have gone from performing a function to being status symbols.” 

5. Roger the Amateur Financier presents Advice for Students: What to Do With Your Summer posted at The Amateur Financier. A discussion directed towards students in high school and college, covering what they can spend their time doing in the summer in order to improve their finances and be in better shape economically.

6. Khaleef Crumbley presents 4 Reasons Why I Will Not File For Bankruptcy posted at Faithful With A Few. To file for bankruptcy is not an easy decision. Even though it has become more common, here are 4 reasons why KNS will never do it!

7. Ashley presents The Envelope System Works: Even on a 10 Year Old posted at Money Talks Coaching, saying “I’ve talked quite a bit about my frustration with my daughter and her lack of concern when it comes to money. She wouldn’t save money to save her life.” 

8. Suba presents Should you buy Supplemental Unemployment Insurance posted at Broke Professionals. Unemployment is one of life’s setbacks that can seriously damage a person’s financial security. It can happen to anyone, even you.

9. YFS presents 10 Common Characteristics of Millionaires You Can Follow posted at Your Finances Simplified. Back in 2007, Forbes Magazine reported that all over the world there are a total of 946 billionaires, and according to Capegemini, a financial consultancy firm, in 2011 there are about 10 million millionaires. All of us probably have this dream of becoming millionaires ourselves, and sometimes we’re left wondering how these once ordinary people manage to make it big.

10. Hank presents How A Little Preparation And One Question Saved Me Over $1,000 posted at Money Q&A, saying “I hate buying a new car, but a little preparation and one simple question he me save money buying a new car this time with a little preparation.” 

Well, that concludes this week’s Best of Money Edition. To all participants – it was a pleasure reading your articles this week!

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  1. Thanks for hosting the carnival. I'm honored to be the editor's pick!

  2. Jason @ WSL says:

    Sweet! Honored to be included. Thanks for sharing my post with everybody!
    My recent post Broke, Desperate, and Being an Idiot

  3. Thanks very, very much for the inclusion (particularly as the fifth best post of the week), and sorry for the great delay in the response.
    My recent post What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

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