Bringing Down the Cost of Delivery

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Bringing Down the Cost of Delivery

A major purchase can be a big strain on your budget, but often, by making the internet your first port of call, you can save a fortune.

With online auction sites like eBay or Craigslist, you have access to thousands of items that match your needs. But often, with the more expensive or larger items, they’re only available for ‘pick-up only’ which can be a major problem if you find your dream sofa at an extremely affordable price but is too big to fit in your car or even worse, if the seller lives in Austin and you live in New York!

Before you had two options:

1. Pay for one of the ‘big-boy’ couriers to transport the item, which could end up being more expensive than the cost of the item itself, or
2. Settle for something else that’s closer to you, or go to a high street retailer and a pay a higher cost for the item.

Luckily for you bargain hunters there’s now a third option….

Online shipping platforms are helping regular consumers save large amounts of money on the cost of shipping. With their reserve auction format and load sharing options, couriers bid for your shipment, meaning that the cost of shipping for gets lower and lower.  It works because, instead of just transporting your item, they will transport many goods on the same route, passing the cost saving on to you.

For your added peace of mind, these platforms use a feedback system, so that if you book through the provider, you can view feedback and reviews of the transport providers, meaning that you can make a safe and informed choice.

Using online auctions or classified sites can help you realize huge savings, find good quality items, and increase the number of items that you can consider. 

So now, if your sofa suddenly collapses or computer explodes, you can choose a new one and have it delivered without breaking the bank!

How about you all? Do you worry much about the transporting/shipping costs when you order online? Do a lot of items you’re considering purchasing require pick-up only? Have you ever used a delivery service for items that are pick-up only but are too far of a drive?

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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