How to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

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How to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs


Energy bills are a massive overhead cost for every company. Aside from staff, they can amount to the biggest cash-outlay a company has, especially if the company is an industrial one. Businesses often don’t benefit from the best energy deals from the big companies. This might be because they are more worried about their public image than their image within the private sector. This can leave small and medium businesses out in the cold when it comes to savings where it matters.

Saving Money with Conservation

There are loads of changes small businesses can do to ensure they are spending as little as possible on their energy bills. There are all the usual advices to be adhered to, such as turning off all lights, computers, and monitors every night and making sure all staff are mindful of their own carbon foot print. Turning in to a more efficient, greener, and perhaps even paperless company can also do wonders for your energy bills as well as your stationery/printing costs.


Saving Money through Professional Consultation

There are still other avenues to save businesses money on their energy spending. Comparison companies are online companies who strive to give great service and advice in this area. They work with some of the country’s most famous suppliers yet never favour one over another. They take in all the information you would like to part with about your business and give you the best advice they can in terms of deals and offers.
Their energy savings are at an average of £88 million since its opening in 2007, and they always keep the small business owner I mind. There are many comparison sites out there for many different things, from flights to credit cards, and there are many that help the individual get the most of their electricity and gas deals. But, there is a distinct lack of companies that help the business space. This may be because energy companies see corporations as their biggest income, but in this, they forget about the struggling small businesses who are alienated as a result.
If you are looking to slice chunks off your business energy bills, make sure you go for a comparison company you can really trust. The best companies are those who offer a free phone number, a call back request, and who aim to get back to their customers within a minute of their calls. The last thing you want is to be on the phone for hours, spending more of your company’s funds. Going online is always the best option from the outset, but the option for a friendly phone call is also really helpful if you get lost.

How about you all? What techniques do you know of or that your business uses to save on utility bills?

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