Introducing The 2nd Annual Tour de Personal Finance Competition – Submit Your Best Posts Today!

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I simply love the Tour de France.

There is truly something magical about watching this particular 3 week cycling race unfold in July each summer. In the race, the riders cover nearly 2,000 miles, including stages through the majestic Alpine Mountain range and the sunflower and vineyard fields of Southern France. As an avid cycling fan and past Category 2 road cycling racer (I raced once-upon-a-time from 2001-2005), July is a truly a glorious time of year.

For the 2nd year in a row in July 2012, will be hosting the Tour de Personal Finance. The Tour de Personal Finance is a month-long Tour de France-themed personal finance-blogging competition. In 2011 (the first year for the event), thanks to AWESOME participation by the PF blogger community, the Tour was a great success. This year, I’d love to have you participate once again!


The goal of the Tour de Personal Finance will be to crown the best (voted by readers – read below for details) personal finance blog article written during the last year.


The Tour de Personal Finance will be conducted each year in July during the same time period in which the Tour de France cycling race occurs. The format/layout will be as follows:
  • Personal finance bloggers will submit their best, highest quality post from the past year (only one post) to me via email (see below for details of how to submit a post) before July 1st.
  • The posts will then be paired off using a random number generator.
  • The paired posts will “compete” against each other each day in a stage (what they call each day of racing in the Tour de France), which will be posted on My Personal Finance Journey.
  • Readers will comment on the post to vote for which post they think is better. The post with the most votes each day will be declared the STAGE WINNER.
  • The stage winners will move on to the next round, where they will square off against other stage winners. Again, the best post each day will be voted for by the readers.
  • The blog author will be allowed to vote for him/herself. Others will most likely do it, so you should too! But, no gaming of the system will be allowed. Entrants will, however, be allowed to ask their friends to vote for them, promote the contest on their site, etc.
  • At the end of the month, the final winner of the competition will be crowned the Maillot Jaune (or the yellow jersey, which is given to the overall winner of the Tour de France each year). Ties will be broken by me. 


In the Tour de France, there are 4 main winners’ jerseys that are fiercely contested. These include the Yellow Jersey (overall winner), Green Jersey (best sprinter), Polka-Dot Jersey (King of the Mountains), and White Jersey (best-placed young cyclist). 
As such, along with crowning the overall winner with the Yellow Jersey (as mentioned above), the Tour de Personal Finance will recognize 4 winners each July, as described below:
  • Yellow Jersey – Winner of overall competition. Article voted “best” by readers. See “Changes in This Year’s Event” section below for details on the prize for the winner. 
  • White Jersey – Goes to highest placing, new blog (judged by how far they get in the competition and how long they have been blogging).
  • Green Jersey – Goes to the blog whose article wins a single stage “the fastest.” In other words, the Green Jersey goes to the blog who wins a single stage by the biggest margin against their competitor.
  • Polka-Dot Jersey – Goes to the best blog article entered which details information on “climbing” out of the debt “mountain”.


If you are a personal finance blogger and are interested in participating, entering is very easy! Just send the following information in an email to to enter by June 24th, 2012.

  • Name and URL of blog.
  • URL and title of your best article from last 12 months.
  • A concise 2-5 sentence description of the post (this will be posted on each stage’s announcement, so really SELL why post should win!).
  • The month and year in which you started blogging (will be used to determine White Jersey winner).

Some Information About Last Year’s Event

You can view how the 2011 Tour unfolded by viewing the competition bracket at the following link – 2011 Tour de Personal Finance Bracket. You can also view a sample of some of the Tour de Personal Finance Stages, the introductory post explaining all of the details, as well as the post-race awards recap from last year by clicking the links below:

Some exciting new changes for this year’s Tour

  • Last year, there were 48 different personal finance blogs/articles that participated. For the 2012 event, I am targeting to have 64 different blogs/articles competing.
  • I will be reserving the reader portion of my 10% monthly blog income give back event for both June and July as prize money to the Yellow Jersey winner (~$100). The Yellow Jersey winner will also select a charity of their choice to receive the charity portion of the 10% monthly blog income give back (~$100).
  • Lastly, in the 2012 event, I have actively been seeking out platinum, gold, silver, and bronze sponsorships from various contacts in the PF realm. I plan to donate half (50%) of all sponsorship proceeds to a charity selected by the overall competition winner (Yellow Jersey). 
    • I’ve gotten a couple sponsors interested already, but if you have a close relationship with any contacts that would be interested in teaming up to sponsor this event, please email me and I can send you the sponsorship/media kit I’ve put together. 
    • As an incentive for connecting the event with sponsors, I’ll give you 25% of any sponsorship that is realized as a result of your referral.

I look forward to another great event this year! 

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