The Risks of Not Taking Out Public Liability Insurance

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The Risks of Not Taking Out Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is designed to cover your business in the event of any third party claims. Such claims may have been made due to negligence and will have more than likely caused a certain individual an injury or ailment. In order to receive compensation, it is likely that the injured party will place a claim against you.


The risks of not investing in business insurance are quite simply not worth it. If anything is to go wrong, you will end up paying any legal costs out of your own pocket. You may even have to fund the compensation sum yourself, which is more often than not a heavy sum!

What Public Liability Insurance Covers

Public liability insurance also covers damage to property. If you or your team of workers accidentally damage a house or building you are working on, such an insurance policy will cover your back.

Since in this day and age, people seem to adopt the preconception that ‘where there is blame, there is a claim,’ it is more important than ever for businesses to take out the correct insurance coverage.

Levels of Insurance Offered 

When it comes to the level of insurance required, there is a variety of packages on offer. Some start at one million and others can reach a level of five million pounds.

If you own the a hotel, a restaurant, a shopping centre or any other very public place, you will more than likely be required to invest in the latter option of cover. The more you cover, the higher priced the cover becomes. Two million is however a good starting point.

How to Find Coverage

In order to source an insurance provider, searching the internet is a great start. There are lots of insurance providers online, and many specialize in public liability coverage.

How about you all? Do you carry insurance on your business? If so, how comprehensive is the plan?

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