1. Thomas S. Moore says:

    I tell all my friends that having a pet is like raising another child. People don't understand the cost in having a pet. Great to see you have the emergency fund to take care of Charlie the puppy medicine can get expensive.
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    • Thanks for reading Thomas! We were glad our financial planning paid off for once! haha
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  2. moneybeagle says:

    It's always good when you can focus your worry on the sick animal and not have to worry about whether you can afford to pay the bill. Just curious if they ever diagnosed the root cause, because unless I overlooked it, they basically put measures in place to stop the symptomns, but not necessarily the cause. Just hoping you don't have continued expenses if they haven't gotten to the underlying issue.
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    • Thanks for reading MB! I tried to focus more on the financial issues in the post and didn't provide all the details about the diagnosis.

      Unfortunately, after the ultrasound, they still don't know what exactly is going on. The only way they could determine for sure would be to either do an stomach endoscopy or a full surgery procedure to obtain a biopsy. Since we didn't want to do this (>$2000 cost), we decided to try to treat the symptoms with the possibility of putting him down if it continues frequently or gets really really bad.
      My recent post Doggy Vet Bills – A Real Life Example of Emergency Fund Financial Planning in Action

  3. I hope that charlie is doing better jacob. I dont have a pet savings account, but after reading some stories I think it may not be a terrible idea to start one. We have a dog that we've had for 3 years, and while she's still pretty young and has not had any problems with the vet other than annual check-ups, it's still obviously a possibility.
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    • Thanks for reading jeff! Charlie is doing better so far. We're still feeding him the easy-on-the-stomach food, so we'll keep our fingers crossed!
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  4. Shannon-ReadyForZero says:

    I don't have one yet, but as soon as I do my fiance and I are finally going to get a French bulldog – something we've been wanting for months. Good for you for being so prepared!
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    • Thanks for reading Shannon! Unless the dog you're getting have a ton of up-front costs, you can probably get the dog and then gradually save up the doggie emergency fund. In my experience, most dogs don't always cost a lot. It's just that when emergencies happen, it's good to be prepared.
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  5. We don't have a pet emergency fund but we do have money to cover such expenses. Recently we had to pay $400 for allergy testing for our pup because she's broken out so bad. I hope your dog gets over whatever it is and you don't have to put it down. That'd be super sad.
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    • Thanks good that you have money set aside Lance! Dog health expenses sure can add up, especially since they don't have insurance like humans do!
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  6. Canadianbudgetbinder says:

    We have a dog and I recently did a post on whether one could afford a pet. To be honest through research we realized that we weren't putting enough money aside for our pet in case of an emergency. There are things like you mention illness that can cost astronomical prices when you go to a vet. They wanted over $700 to get the dogs teeth cleaned and we nearly fell over. These are expenses we never thought of and most people should before taking on the responsibility of a pet. Our pet has been good and has not cost us much but we have made changes to our budget so we are putting more away in case the money is needed. Mr.CBB
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    • Thanks for reading CBB! Our greyhounds have terrible teeth and get infections if they don't have the teeth cleaning every 2 years or so. It also costs around 700 dollars to do that since they have to get them anesthesia.
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  7. Definitely – that’s precisely the same type of plan that I set in place when we started adopting again. Of course my need to have a dog trumped the savings plan 😉 but we already have a very healthy cash emergency fund.

    We tend to adopt senior dogs so I insist on having a $5K/year Dog Allowance in our budget. Since I like saving a set amount year to year, we use that allowance for both routine and emergency expenses: food, medications, bathing supplies, regular supplies and vet visits. It’s rolled over year to year and the overage takes care of any big costs that lump up in the meantime like Doggle’s emergency back surgery or Seamus’s long term allergies.

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