Buy Generic and Stay Out of Debt

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The following is a guest post. Enjoy! 

Everyone knows that they can save some money if they buy the supermarket’s own brand instead of the pricier alternatives that are marketed to you on a regular basis. But, it can come as a surprise to many people exactly how much they can save. There’s absolutely no reason to buy products that you are told are “scientifically formulated” when you know full well that the generic looking own brand version is concocted in a laboratory too.

Here are just a couple of budgeting tips that can save you from paying a visit to your bank manager.


First on our list is medication. There are only a couple of ways to make things like painkillers. You can pay literally ten times as much for something that is literally the same product – you might claim you can tell the difference between the supermarket’s own brand of breakfast cereal and the expensive one that you remember being advertised to you when you were a kid – but you probably can’t. You LITERALLY can’t when it comes to aspirin, because it is LITERALLY the same chemical composition, no matter what packet it comes in.


Second: razors. If you don’t remember ever seeing your grandfather with a beard, do you ever recall going in his bathroom and seeing a razor with five blades, that vibrates, and coats his chin with aloe vera? More likely he had one blade – he probably didn’t have a post shave balm – and he probably cut himself less often than you do. A disposable razor can last pretty much the same amount of time as a single head for your expensive branded version, and costs 1/50th of the price.

How about you all? What items do you buy generic and save a lot of money on?

Are there any items that you ABSOLUTELY will not buy generic?

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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