Getting Travel Insurance is Worth the Risk

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Getting Travel Insurance is Worth the Risk

If you plan to take a vacation abroad, there will be many things to organize  However, the one thing that many people leave to the last minute is the decision whether or not to buy travel insurance. Some people choose not to bother because they are confused by the types of policies and levels of cover available; however for anyone travelling abroad, travel insurance is vital. Follow our guide to travel insurance and find out why everyone should have it.

Types of insurance and cover

There are several types of travel insurance on the market, and they are usually broken down into gold, silver and bronze cover; with the main difference being that the amount paid out for each eventuality increases depending on which level you choose. There will also be a different excess (deductibles) for each type of policy. The main types of policy are ‘single trip’ or ‘annual multi-trip’ with other specialist policies being available such as those that cover winter sports and people travelling on a gap year or extended holiday.
Policies do vary, but the sorts of things that are normally covered include emergency medical expenses, personal accident, personal money, passport, documents, and cancellations or delays to your trip. The amount that will be paid out in each eventuality will vary depending on the level of cover you have chosen.
Most policies will also include an element of legal cover, and this can be necessary, if, for example you are involved in any incidents or accidents during your holiday which may involve the emergency services. There are solicitors in the UK who cover both holiday and road traffic accidents in Liverpool among other places and will be able to help you and whose costs should be covered, if you need them when you return from your holiday.
There will be certain circumstances where travel insurance will almost always not pay out, including drinking too much alcohol, participating in activities that are not covered (Running of Bulls might be included in this!) and loss of enjoyment.

Why you should buy travel insurance

Although travel insurance can seem like another expense on top of the cost of your holiday, if you do not have it, you could end up paying out much more if anything should happen. Circumstances where your insurance could be invaluable include your flight being cancelled, if you have a medical emergency while you are away, or you are a victim of theft.

Making sure you buy the right travel insurance 

Ensuring that you are purchasing the most appropriate cover is not just important in terms of what is covered but also in financial terms. You may discover that you already have some things covered through home, life and car insurance, so you might only need the most basic travel insurance policy and can avoid paying out unnecessarily for a more expensive policy.

The most cost-effective way to purchase insurance is through an independent insurer rather than your tour operator or travel agent and to shop around. Use price comparison websites to make sure that you are getting the best value for money. It is also important to make sure you mention any medical conditions which may affect the insurance. While this may mean that your premium will be higher, as long as the insurer is fully aware of any conditions, they should pay out if necessary.
The value of getting travel insurance before you go abroad cannot be underestimated and knowing that you have it will mean that you can have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday.

How about you all? Have you ever taken out a travel insurance policy before going on a trip to another country? Are you aware of if any of your existing insurance policies covers travel-related incidents?

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