Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

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The following post is by MPFJ staff writer, Shondell of Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap. She blogs about her recent car loan and mortgage pay off and a whole bunch more. Check out her blog right here.

With the imminent arrival of Christmas, the time to give and receive gifts has come again. Shops and supermarkets already have attractive promotional signs, posters and banners on their doors, windows, and wherever they can find unused space. There are clothes, cosmetics, and fashion accessories to buy for us women; clothes, shoes and electronics to buy for men; and clothes and toys to buy for children. Everyone loves receiving gifts, but the funny thing is that they are often forgotten a few days or weeks after it`s received.

Every Christmas, it’s the same old story. Can you still remember the gifts that you gave or received two years ago? I can hardly remember the ones that I gave last year, let alone two years ago. So, why not do something different this Christmas, something out of the box that will leave your friends and family awestruck. Instead of the usual stuff that you buy at the mall, you could do something creative.

Here are some creative Christmas gift ideas that both you and your friends and family will love.

Donate to your friend’s favorite charity: 

If your friends have a charity that they are fond of and have been asking you (directly or subtly) to make a donation, Christmas can be the perfect time to do that. This thoughtful gesture is sure to bring a smile on their face. You can even go and make the donation with your friend or you could just give the receipt to your friend. I know if I got a gift like that, I would never forget it.

Donate blood to the needy: 

Every day, there are hundreds of people looking for a pint or two of blood. They may be victims of an accident, someone needing an operation, or someone who is terminally ill. Christmas is a great time to donate blood because there is an increase in road accidents during the holiday season. Plus, it`s free! I am so afraid of needles, so this wouldn`t be my first option. But, for those of you who aren`t a wimp like me, giving blood is a great gift.

Donate books to your child’s school: 

Schools, big or small, are always in need of new books for their library. Donating books to your child’s school is an act of altruism that will benefit all the children in the school and your entire community. You could ask the librarian for a list of books they are in need of and then deliver the books just before the school closes for the holidays. After the school reopens, check with the librarian to find out how the school intends to use the books and give your own suggestions if you feel they need any.

Help pay your struggling friend’s debt: 

A friend in need is a friend indeed, the age old saying goes. And when your best friends are going through a financial crisis, could there be a better way to show them how much you love and care for them than to help them financially?

If your friend has a mortgage loan and he is struggling to make payments, then help him with whatever amount you can. I am not a fan of loaning people money, especially if you want to remain friends with someone. Giving them a gift to help out with their debts, or if you are in a position to pay off their debts, go ahead and spread that Christmas cheer!

Send a box of toys to an orphanage: 

Children love to receive gifts, and those without parents appreciate the kind gesture even more. Receiving even the smallest gift can help make a child feel like a million bucks. So, why not send a box of toys to an orphanage this Christmas? You can contact the orphanage to get some ideas of what the kids are in need of. On Christmas day, you could hand out the gifts personally to the children. Seeing their faces light up will probably bring tears to your eyes. If you have children, consider bringing your kids to participate as well.

Invite a homeless person to dinner: 

Homeless people are just like everyone else; the only difference is that life has been unkind to them and left them without a family or home. Picture yourself in their place and imagine how much they crave the warmth of a home, the delicious aroma of cooked food, and the kind gesture of someone more fortunate than themselves. The least you can do for them this Christmas is invite some of them to a sumptuous dinner. If you think the idea is risky, then deliver the food to them. I am sure they will be happy and grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

How about you all? Have you ever given a Christmas gift outside of the ordinary gift?

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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    1. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

      Good ideas! We've given things to the local homeless shelter and orphanage before. We like doing that because it's local and we know it's going to a good cause.

      • It's definitely nice to donate to a local homeless shelter, especially since it's close to home.
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    2. Shannon-ReadyForZero says:

      These are really great ideas :). I especially love the idea of donating to your friend's favorite charity!
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      • Thanks! It's even more meaningful if you have a family member or a friend suffering from a disease and you donate to a charity that researches cures for that disease.
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