Saving Money In The Kitchen With Energy-Efficient Refrigerators and Freezers

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In the month of August, my family’s electric bill was $141.17. Even though I have spent a lot of time in the past dissecting and optimizing my budget and expenses, I realized that I have never actually dug in to the breakdown of how the various rooms/appliances in my house contribute to the overall costs of the electric bill. Specifically, I have never looked at how the KITCHEN of my house contributes to the electricity bill, with the main appliances which are on all year long being the freezer and refrigerator.

As such, the purpose of this post will be to look at how much a refrigerator and freezer contributes to the overall electric bill of the household and how much money can be saved by making sure you have an energy-efficient freezer and refrigerator.


What % of the electric bill originates from the kitchen?

According to this article, the average home electric bill is $2,000 per year. And, according to this article, the refrigerator/freezer alone contributes nearly 20% of this total, or $400 per year. That’s quite a nice little chunk of change if you ask me! Clearly, the kitchen is a place that deserves some focus in trying to cut down your family’s expenses.


How much money can be saved by using an energy-efficient freezer and refrigerator?

The first article above mentions that by purchasing energy-efficient freezers and refrigerators, you can save yourself $280 per year in electricity, cutting the $400 per year electric bill above in half! Pretty amazing stuff!

In the event that, like me, you’re a little bit of a nerd at heart, you may be interested in learning about HOW these energy-efficient appliances are able to save money compared to the older models. By doing a little searching around the Internet, I found out that a lot of technology/research has been put in to finding better ways to insulate energy-efficient refrigerators/freezers. One particularly interesting case was a refrigerator that featured vacuum panels to provide effective insulation and keep the coolness in.

How about you all? How much money do you think your family spends in kitchen energy use each year? Have you ever tried to save some money by buying energy-efficient refrigerators and/or freezers?

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