Starting The Holidays With $500 Thanksgiving Football Kickoff Promotion

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One of the busiest weeks is right around the corner, and also functions as the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season.  The kickoff includes one of the biggest days in North American football, followed by one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebratory holidays for families across the US, who get together to share stories, eat turkey, and of course watch football.  The viewing audience of turkey day football games is among the highest in the NFL, often rivaling the viewership of playoff games or even the Superbowl.

Following a day of enjoying hard-hitting tackles and a delicious turkey dinner, the next part of the holiday focuses on Black Friday – itself among the largest holiday sales days in the entire year.  Retailers slash their prices on outgoing products in what is considered the first of many shopping days ahead of the holiday season at the end of December.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to find discounts on popular holiday gifts, but it can also prove very expensive.  Many people will charge hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to their credit cards without thinking twice, beginning a large holiday shopping balance that could take months to pay off in full.

But the day can prove to be a little more affordable for families who know their football.

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