Trying to Beat ‘The House’

The following post is by Jade Anderson. Enjoy! 

‘The House’ sounds a bit like something out of Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice, where everyone looks beautiful, plays with an unfair advantage, and always come out on top.

The House is the business behind the gambling games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and any number of other activities designed to keep you guessing and keep you playing. The house is used to convince gamblers and players that they have a chance to make a lot of money by putting down their own hard cash first.

Sometimes they do, there are stories which talk about players who strike gold and usually these are invented as a means of encouraging others to part with their hard earned cash. There are some players who really do beat ‘the house’ but this is usually long after they have invested a huge amount of time, energy and money into the game and by this time, they probably haven’t made a huge profit out of it.

Who Beats ‘The House’ ?

More often than not, The House wins. The gambler loses every penny they bet with, and comes away with less than they had to start with. Take slot machines, for example; with these games, the idea is that you feel you are betting a small amount each time. And you are, but it soon adds up! Combine that with the fact that winning that big score on one of these machines can be as high as one in 34 million, and you can see that The House definitely has the advantage.

Statistics aren’t pretty for beating the house in other games either. Statistics for roulette, for blackjack, and for poker all conclude that you have as much as a 70 per cent chance of losing when playing against the house.

How Do I Beat it?

There have been those who had tried to beat The House by coming up with ingenious systems based on complicated maths, card counting, and even using good luck charms or special routines. The problem with all of these, however, is that if they work at all, they only work for a little while. There is always the chance of losing everything, and ending up with less money than you had at the beginning.

Free Play

There is, however, one fool proof way to beat The House. It might sound too simple. It might sound impossible. But it is neither – and it really works! The best and most reliable way to beat the house, to not lose any money at all (and potentially walk away with winnings), is to play for free…

These days there’s not a lot you can get for nothing, but it is entirely possible to play a real, engaging and fun game of poker for no outlay whatsoever! So if anything suggest you can’t possibly beat The House, just tell them, you could always play for free! Free play is the best way to improve your skills and chances of success!

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