Apps For Investing in Precious Metals

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Precious metals like gold and silver have been a popular choice for investors for thousands of years: the intrinsic value that metals have provides investors with a sense of comfort and security.

Precious metals can be very volatile, however. Even with the historic stability they have provided investors over the years, there are times when the prices can rise or fall just as quickly as any other stock on the market. Therefore, it’s important that investors have the ability to stay current on their stock of precious metals from anywhere they are. Fortunately, there are apps for both Android and iOS users that can help them follow the gold and silver prices right from their phone. Here are a few of them:

Gold Research

This application is a great beginners tool to help determine whether gold is right for your portfolio. Not only does it measure the price of gold in real time, it provides plenty of tools that can help make a savvy investor out of anyone.

Gold Research will provide insight into such important factors as supply and demand as well as offer strategic investment advice from experts, including the World Gold Council. The research focuses on the drivers of the gold market, like central bank policies, risk diversification and many others that professional investors use every day to make decisions. The app even includes jewelry technology in its analysis.

There are also helpful charts that can help you track your investments as well as current and historical trends. This is a great way to continue your research and to determine times to buy or sell. You can also visit a “frequently asked question” page that can answer some basic questions if you ever find yourself stuck.

Bullion Vault: Gold & Silver

This app takes everything you need to know about investing in precious metals and makes it easy to understand. It is the largest online investment service for silver and gold, which give millions of private investors the information they need to make wise decisions and stay on top of the current markets.

This app isn’t just a tracking and investment advice app: it also lets you buy and sell gold and silver directly. If you are a customer of BullionVault, you can not only track the prices, but can instantaneously purchase bullion that is housed in vault all over the world, from London to Singapore to New York City. If you are confident that you know what you are doing, this can help save the cost of going through a broker, putting more money in your pocket. All from your mobile device.

Bullion Vault is a full member of the London Bullion Market Association and is partly owned by the World Gold Council.

Gold Live!

This application from Kitco is one of the highest precious-metal tracking apps out there. It includes pricing and research on gold, silver and other precious metals that can help you stay current on pricing and trends.

You can set alerts in the app that will notify you when your precious metal of choice hits a certain price point so you know instantly whenever you need to buy or sell. This is fully customizable to your standards, so you can have control over your portfolio. While gold prices are live and up-to-the-minute, other metal prices are available in reports that are made every hour, which you can have emailed

Gold Live! Also features currency exchange rates with 13 currencies around the world, so you know what to expect when you buy or sell. There are also full-screen technical and historical charts that so you can keep up with your research wherever you go.

Gold Silver Price and News

For a one-stop app for all the information you need, it’s hard to beat this app. While you cannot buy any precious metals through this app, it does provide in-depth news and analysis that every savvy investor needs to be successful.

This app allows you to quickly check the spot prices of many precious metals so you always know what the metals are currently trading for. You can also call up 24-hour to 10-year charts to help spot trends and review historical data. The app also has breaking news stories and general financial news to keep you updated on the daily markets.

In a constantly-connected mobile world, it’s important that you stay on top of your finances. Try some of these apps and see which one is right for your portfolio.

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