How to Save Money AND Get Free Shipping on Amazon With Amazon Filler Item

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If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, chances are you know the blessing and curse that is Amazon’s “Free Super Saver Shipping.”

At face value, it seems great: just purchase $25 worth of qualifying items, and your order ships for free. What’s not to love?

But if you’re like me, and you don’t always buy $25 worth of merchandise, you can find yourself in a “should I or shouldn’t I” quandary. All you really wanted was the latest book from your favorite author, which comes in at $23.99 for the first-edition hardcover. It would qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping—but you just need a measly $1.01 to be eligible.

Either you find yourself begrudgingly paying for shipping, or you find yourself gazing excitedly at your Wish List like a kid whose mom just told him he can get a candy bar in the checkout line. You were planning on waiting to buy that fun new iPhone case until you had more money for it, but now that buying it will help you save on shipping (both for it and for the book), it actually makes sense to buy it a little early…right?

Fear not, savvy shoppers. For I have discovered a fantastic site that takes away the temptation to over-purchase which, I’m sure, was Amazon’s whole reason for offering the free shipping carrot to begin with. It’s called Amazon Filler Item, and it’s about to become your new best friend.

How It Works

Let’s say you do have $1.01 left to qualify your cart for Free Super Saver Shipping. What this site will do is show you every qualifying item close to that price that will nudge your total over the top without nudging you to buy a pricier item out of the justification that it will “save you money.”

Head on over to Amazon Filler Item and type “1.01” into the box that asks you how you much you need for free shipping. The site will generate a list of items from $1.01 on up to $1.27 that qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping.

Be forewarned that you will need to do a little digging (most of the items are random pieces of hardware like nuts and bolts), but the list is only a few pages long, and it’s totally possible to find something within the $1.01 to $1.27 range that won’t be a waste of your money. (And certainly not as much of a waste as that new iPhone case would!)

For instance, you could get a wire-wound notebook for $1.04 (and you can always find a use for a notebook). You could get a window sealing kit to stop drafts and save money on heating come winter. (Saving you on two fronts!) You could pick up a new scrub brush or roll of Scotch tape (also things you’re bound to use.) Or, if you’re a handyman and you actually could stand to stock up on random pipe fittings, bearings, and other odds and ends, you’re in luck!

Since discovering this site, I’ve gotten note pads and bungee chords for tying our trunk down when transporting large items—both of which have been or will be put to use shortly. I’ve also avoided several impulse purchases I’m pretty sure I would have made if I hadn’t found these handy filler items.

I’ve also gotten the lovely feeling of beating the system, which any true bargain-hunter always appreciates.

How about you all? Are you an Amazon shopper? Have you fallen prey to the Super Saver Shipping temptation before?

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Michael @ The Student Loan Sherpa says June 21, 2013

I’ve bought so many $5 movies just get to the free shipping! They get me every time.

Lately, I need stuff on Amazon often enough that I just add things to my cart, once it hits 25 I place the order. Sometimes the wait can be a while, but it saves money in the long run.

Cordelia says June 21, 2013

That’s a good tactic, too. I try to do that whenever possible. But sometimes I find myself needing to buy one item now, like a movie for a birthday present for someone, and this is a huge help for situations like that.

Brad says June 21, 2013

This is brilliant — what a fantastic concept! We’re constantly ordering from Amazon and always struggling to get to the $25.

Thanks for posting this article — I’ve already spread it around to my friend and family

    Cordelia says June 24, 2013

    My pleasure. I just had to share when I found it!

Money Beagle says June 21, 2013

We ususally have a running list of items that we need, and once we get to $25 we’ll go ahead and order. This is great info if we need something sooner before we naturally hit the $25 limit.

    Cordelia says June 24, 2013

    I’m the same way–I try to order in batches whenever possible, but when I need something sooner (like a gift for a birthday), this site has been a life (or at least money) saver. 🙂

Lisa Kerr says June 22, 2013

Thanks for the great information! I shop all the time on Amazon & have the same problem that you do with shipping, so I can’t wait to try the Amazon Filler!
Happier shopping to us:) LOL!

Your Daily Finance. says June 22, 2013

I need to forward ( I mean I am forwarding) this to my wife. I am sure she is buying extra items to get that free shipping. How did you find out about this? I am always getting those smiley face boxes at my door at least now I will make sure they are all free shipping without the extra spend.

    Cordelia says June 24, 2013

    Yeah, we have times throughout the year when our doorway always has a smiley box waiting to greet us. 🙂

    I found it mentioned in a post on another PF site (I can’t even remember which yet). I’ve been using it for a while before realizing hey, I can help spread the word to more people who don’t know about it yet!

    I’m all too eager to find a reason to sneak something from my Wish List into my shopping cart, and this site has been a huge budget saver for me.

Rob @FinancialSprout says June 24, 2013

That’s an awesome find, thanks for sharing it with us! Have you tried to find electronic coupons for free shipping? Sometimes you can luck out on a deal from coupon codes that you find online, then you don’t even need the trinket.

Cordelia says June 24, 2013

I usually do a search for free shipping (or other coupon codes) when using a site other than Amazon. I also hear is good for finding sites that ship free.

Anne B. says June 28, 2013

Brilliant! consider it bookmarked!

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