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Today, I got an email from eBay’s Seller Central stating that I can now, “make easy money selling items on eBay because you can now list items for free.”
Needless to say, I was fairly skeptical about this ad. However, I checked it out on eBay’s website, and sure enough, it’s true! They are now offering free auction style listings. However, we first want to make sure to check up on the details before we jump for joy.
This further strengthens my statement from a previous post about eBay being very seller friendly/oriented, generally making eBay and better place to sell your items online than Amazon due to several reasons.
What are the details of this deal?

According to the links below from eBay, you pay no listing fee for the first 100 items per month that you list on eBay for under $1.

It is very important to pay close attention to the restrictions of this listed in bold above.

Key takeaway from this deal

For me, the key takeaway from this change on eBay fees is that this will significantly reduce the financial barrier to listing household items that I simply want to unload and sell (when I don’t really care what the minimum price is that is sells for).

However, if I am running an eBay business, the $0.99 maximum starting bid could get me in trouble by not allowing me to make any profit from a sale, in the event that not enough bids come in.

How about you all? Will this change in fees influence you to sell more on eBay? Will it influence you to steer away from sales on Amazon?

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